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Master Robert Z

I Welcome you to the Kung Fu Network Victoria, Main Page

The Techniques, Forms and Training Materials site for the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Mordialloc!

We have had a WEB presence since 1994 and been providing on-line training materials since 1996! This means we have a lot of materials on the WEB and it is sometimes difficult to find it all; So! Here on the SSL Secured site we have placed all the Shaolin Academy, Styles, Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows, Forearms, Shins, Blocks, Claws, Hands, Strikes, Stances, Postures, Guards, Animal Techniques, Self Defence Routines, Show Routines, Traditional Forms and even Kung Fu Tactics. Not everything is fully complete. We have been working on it for over 20 years but kung fu techniques are deep and rich and there are plenty. So we are constantly updating this site. The simplest way to navigate the site is to first choose what you wish to see. There are three distinct options;

Below you will find the links to our Main Shaolin Kung Fu Academy WEB Site. There is a lot of information about Shaolin Kung Fu, History, Animal Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Weaponry for Recreations and Sport. If you are located in Victoria than this is the best place to start looking.

The Links below link to our Cyber Kung Fu recordings. Every technique, stance, punch, kick, form, etc., that we have recorded you can access here. There are well over 100 video recordings including our Bare Hand Forms.

We also have here the earliest form of Shaolin Kung Fu from the Sui Dynasty. The 72 Fists are also detailed in word and video. This program is currently being updated from the old WEB standard Flash to the new MP4 that will run on most any device, tablet, phone etc.

The links below is a detailed, level by level distribution of all the Kung Fu you will learn and train on the way to Shaolin Academy Black Sash. No background information (that is on our main page), just the relevant techniques, level by level, item by item with full technical and training information.

Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Video Recording; this is what we do!